October 26: Daisuke Bekki (Ochanomizu University) – special talk

Rick Nouwen (UiL OTS) has organized a special talk on Friday, October 26, Daisuke Bekki (Ochanomizu University) entitled Dependent Type Semantics: The Framework. We hope to see you all there! (Note the unusual timeslot.)

Location: Utrecht, Janskerkhof 13, room 0.06 (Stijlkamer)

Time: 11:00-13:00


This talk introduces dependent type semantics, a new framework of natural language semantics based on dependent type theory.  Main features of dependent type semantics are the following:

1) it is dynamic: it analyzes E-type/donkey anaphora with well-formed representations.
2) it is proof-theoretic: entailments between the representations can be calculated without recourse to their models.
3) it is compositional: the semantic representations of sentences are derived from the lexicalized representations by a fixed number of combinatory rules.
4) it explains accessibility: accessibility/inaccessibility of anaphora is reduced to the structural differences between proofs.

These are achieved by a specific way of combining type theoretical approaches (cf. Ranta (1994)) and the continuation-based approaches (cf. de Groote (2006)) to dynamic binding.  From the perspective of dependent type semantics, the source of dynamics in natural language is the dependence on proofs of the preceding discourses.


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