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Special Announcement: November 19th: Lectures on the occasion of Mulusew Asratie’s defence

We are happy to announce that on the occassion of Mulusew Asratie’s defence on November 19, there will be two lectures held in Utrecht by Baye Yimam (Addis Ababa University) and Ora Matushansky (Paris VIII).

Date: Wednesday, November 19

Time: 14:00-16:00

Location: Kernkampkamer, Academiegebouw, Domplein 29, 3512JE Utrecht

Speakers, Titles:
Baye Yimam (Addis Ababa University) – “On Deictics in Amharic”
Ora Matushansky (Paris VIII) – “On non-arguments for Pred°”

On Deictics in Amharic
abstract will follow asap

On non-arguments for Pred°
One of the major arguments in favor of treating small clauses as projections of a functional head Pred° (Bowers 1993) comes from the Welsh copular particle yn, which appears with AP and NP predicates in non-inverted structures. However, the hypothesis (Bowers 1993, 2001) that yn is an overt realization of Pred°, doesn’t explain why yn is completely impossible with PP predicates and is completely incompatible with its distribution with degree modification or in comparatives.
I will argue that the Welsh yn fits into a more general cross-linguistic category of particles introducing NP predicates. To support this claim I will show that Welsh adjectives exhibit noun-like syntactic behavior in other contexts as well. Independent evidence for the existence of nominal adjectives comes from Japanese (Kageyama 1982, Miyagawa 1987) and Southern Bantu languages (Creissels 2010), where they are contrasted with canonical/verbal adjectives, and from Berber languages (Bentolila 1981, Chaker 1995, Djemai 2008), where no second adjectival category is present.
I will then discuss other putative arguments for Pred° and argue that they cannot withstand a closer examination.